Hair should be worn back off of the face for all classes;  for ballet a bun is best.

*We will be enforcing the dress code for all classes. The reason for wearing tights and a leotard is to provide a uniform look in order to help the teacher and student be able to adequately make corrections in alignment and teach proper technique, avoiding injury.  Hair is also part of this as it can become cumbersome and hard to teach turns and jumps if the hair is getting in the dancers face.


All girls enrolled in ballet classes should wear ballet tights, a solid color leotard and pink ballet shoes. Skirts are optional.

Boys may wear athletic shorts or pants with a white shirt and ballet shoes. Boys typically wear black or white ballet shoes.

PRESCHOOL Creative Movement-Ballet

For the preschool aged dance class, attire is more lenient. Please have your child wear something they can move comfortably in, whether that is shorts/pants or tights and a leotard. Ballet shoes are helpful but not required.


The Adult Dance Class will be doing a combination of techniques, Ballet, Modern and Jazz. These different forms of dance require different attire. Ballet which is more precise technique it is useful to have tights, leotard and ballet shoes (a skirt or dance shorts may be worn if so desired). For Jazz and Modern a T-shirt and some type of Yoga pants are appropriate (for our purposes it is also acceptable to wear this for Ballet as well if that is so desired). Modern is done in bare feet and Jazz is usually done in Jazz shoes. However, tennis shoes also work and are completely acceptable.

Where to purchase dance wear?

There are several Dance shops in Lincoln:


Bobby’s Dancewear:, down from the Mill on Prescott.

The fit of a ballet shoe should be snug yet all five toes should be able to be flat on the floor when standing. Strings should be tucked into the shoe.

ShopKo,Target and Once Upon A Child also sell dance attire and shoes for children.

Online Discount stores:

We have a consignment closet! Contact Joie for more info.